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Urbana K-2 Flag Football Registrations Now Open
Are you ready for some flag football?
Urbana K-2 flag football is back for its sixth season.
The league abides by modified NFL Flag rules and regulations, which aim to make playing in the league a non-contact football experience.
The league is open to all boys and girls in grades K-2 in the Urbana area.
Five-year-olds may participate even if they are not enrolled in kindergarten.
Players will receive a reversible NFL jersey and flag belt.
Practices will begin in late-August.
Games will be held at the city park on Wednesday evenings beginning In early September with the season concluding in late October.
There is the potential for games to be held on other days of the week.
The cost is $40 per player or $45 for late enrollment. Late enrollment is not guaranteed.
If you have any questions, please contact the 2018 Program Director Justin Cain at uysflagfootball@gmail.com.
Fall Soccer changes - Coaches still needed!

With the pool of volunteers that are experienced and willing to lead and manage the Fall soccer program shrinking over the last few years, Urbana Youth Soccer has taken steps to ensure the program’s existence in the future with a good and reliable foundation.

Urbana Youth Soccer has reached out the Champaign County Family YMCA and an agreement has been made to transfer the program, including all soccer goals and equipment, to them beginning this Fall. Urbana Youth Soccer and their support organization, Urbana Youth Sports, is supporting and promoting the YMCA in their registration process and plan to help in areas necessary to ensure the YMCA and the community have a good season.

You can get more information and register now at www.champaignfamilyymca.org or you can register by just going to the Y.

Volunteer coaches and sponsors are always needed for all age groups, so be sure to register as a coach or sponsor if you are able to or if know someone who can.

Urbana Youth Soccer is very thankful to all of the community, parents, volunteers and sponsors who have supported the program and made it a success over the past 20 years and we hope that support continues under YMCA leadership.

About Urbana Youth Sports

Urbana Youth Sports was formed in 2005, and became federally recognized as an official 501c(3) non-profit organization in 2007, to support local volunteer driven youth sports groups in the Urbana, Ohio area.  Our mission is to provide support, share resources and to promote consistency for many independent programs providing youth sport activities. 

Programs UYS is affiliated with include:

  • Urbana Youth Baseball and Softball,
  • Miracle Youth League,
  • Urbana Little Climber Football,
  • Urbana Little Climber Football Cheerleading,
  • Urbana Youth Soccer, and
  • Urbana K-2 Flag Football. 

Urbana Youth Sports does not run the programs, they try make the programs better.  This is done through providing resources such as a treasurer with a common organization account, liability and property insurance, a website and parent communication tools, buying power, asset management and training and consulting for Program Directors.  Since being formed and through the use of player registrations, sponsorships, fundraisers and donations, UYS has put well over $100,000 into improvements in the affiliated programs and the city park.

Little Climber Cheer Announces Improved Program
Posted Mar 13, 2018

The Little Climber Cheer Program is announcing improvements to its 2018 Program, including both a Recreational Team and a Competitive Team.  Please read attached letter.

Link: Letter regarding improved program for 2018.

Urbana Youth Baseball and Softball 2018
Urbana Youth Baseball, founded in 1952, and Urbana Youth Softball, which began around 1980, will for the first time since the park was constructed, not be able to provide programs this Spring and Summer. The current city administration and the YMCA has made a deal to use the fields at Melvin Miller Park this spring for a new second program in the city offering these sports. This leaves Urbana Youth Baseball and Softball without home fields and a location to hold games at.

If you are interested in playing baseball or softball this year, you will need to contact the YMCA. We wish them the best of luck in their new venture.

Urbana Youth Baseball and Softball will continue to assess their options in the future.
2018 Program Directors
Urbana Youth Baseball and Softball - Todd Tracy (resuming as Program Director following the resignation of 2017 Program Directors)

Miracle Youth League - Mandi Jackson

Urbana Little Climber Football - Justin Cain

Urbana Little Climber Football Cheerleaders - Brittany Lantz

Urbana Youth Soccer - Brandon Deskins, Kevin Mounce, Todd Tracy

Urbana K-2 Flag Football - Eric Forson
Looking for New Partners
With the exit from the city park per the current city administration's direction, the following programs are looking for new partners and supporters for 2018 programs and beyond.

Miracle Youth League - This is a softball/baseball style program for children in the area with disabilities. They are looking for a baseball/softball field for 2-3 hours on Sunday afternoons in May, June and July.

Urbana Youth Soccer - This program is looking for new community partners, immediately to help them store their soccer goals, and then for a large flat green space in order to build 10-14 soccer fields for this Fall.

Urbana K-2 Flag Football - Looking for a partner to provide an area to mark a football field on in order to play flag football games on a couple days a week this Fall.

Urbana Youth Sports - Looking for partners to help provide storage for program and UYS assets. Since being instructed by the current city administration in November to vacate the Youth Sports Building at the city park, storage units have been rented to store assets for UYS and all affiliated programs.
Accomplishments of Urbana Youth Sports
Over the past 15 years, Urbana Youth Sports and our affiliated programs put over $100,000 into the programs and the city park. including...

· Purchased 15 sets of Aluminum Soccer Goals, replacing the 4x4 wooded post goals that were previously in place.

· Designed, proposed, supported and assisted with the construction of the Youth Sports Building, including:
- Giving and initial $50,000 contribution for construction from previous baseball and soccer fundraisers and community and local business donations,
- Partnered with the City of Urbana and writing a letter per their request to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources detailing how the building would be used by UYS in the future, in order to acquire a dollar matching NatureWorks Grant for construction,
- Gave an additional $10,000+ in material and countless hours of in-kind work by local businesses and donors in working to construct interior walls and ceilings, to paint the entire building inside and out, to provide hand dryers, cleaning stations, baby changing stations, towel, soap and toilet paper dispensers in the restrooms, to provide 2 aluminum overhead windows and 2 stainless steel countertops in the concession area, and for floor grinding and surfacing throughout.

· Renovated inside and out of 2 existing concession stands, including siding, aluminum windows, stainless steel countertops, at the north end of the park. These were built around 1980 by the volunteers of Urbana Youth Baseball.

· Purchased and installed all new baseball/softball backstops and fencing for fields 7, 8, 9 and 10. (installation work provided by Urbana Youth Softball volunteers)

· Suggested and supported the design and renovation of the T-Ball fields 12 & 13 along Children’s Home Road to where they are today to eliminate needs for parents to park along the hill on Children’s Home Road, which was a large safety concern,

· Designed and purchased material, concrete and nets for the existing 2 lane batting cage, along with pitcher safety nets,

· Supported and helped finance the Urbana Skate Park, after being asked by the city to partner with local donors and organizers,

· Supported a grant and purchasing material to install 2 sand volleyball courts, using space abandoned by unused tennis courts,

· Purchased sideline and outfield fence and yellow safety fence topper for Field 8 *, and

· Purchased yellow safety fence topper for Field 5. *

* The last 2 items have yet to be installed, but we left the material in the Softball Room so that it could. The previous Park Superintendent was unable to complete this over the last 2 years for various understandable reasons.

We have also provided many other smaller items to the park over the years as requested, such as bases and pitching mounds, and in the recent past, we donated 2 commercial grade weed eaters (same model and make that the city uses) and several rakes to the Park Crew, when their budget wouldn’t allow them to buy them.
It has been a pleasure for so many volunteers to be involved in these acts of goodness over the years, and I hear that told to me time and time again. We feel we have been good for the park and for the community and have had very positive and productive results.

Hundreds, if not thousands of volunteers and local businesses have come together over the past 15 years to accomplish all of the above for the benefit the community. We all take great pride in these accomplishments and plan to do what we can to be a positive contributor in the future.
Compliance to State Law on Concussion Training

As of April 26th of 2013, state law in Ohio requires Concussion Training for coaches and referees and also awareness training for parents of children participating in youth sports.

We have recently realized that our new online registration process for soccer was not covering this as we thought it was, like it has for other programs under UYS.

Soccer parent, to recover from this, to ensure our program complies with state law, please click on this link, then click on the 2013 Concussion Compiance link, sign in to your UYS account and acknowledge that you have been given the concussion information. 


(if this link does not get you there, simply go to wwwUrbanaYouthSports.com, then go to our Online Registration page)

A copy of the concussion information is always available on our website under Concussion Information.

Thank you in advance for your prompt action.  We will follow up with each parent until we are 100% compliant with this new state law.

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